2019 Student Design Challenge Entries

If you would like the images of your designs for your portfolio, contact ppa@afandpa.org with the name of your entry, team members and your school.

First Place

Party Box 
School: California Polytechnic State University
Advisors: Javier de la Fuente, Irene Carbonell, Mary LaPorte
Designers: Sam Baber, Morgan McKean, Vance Perkins, Samantha Phan 
Entry 3.8 Entry 3.10 Entry 3.3 Entry 3.2 Entry 3.11 Entry 3.1 Entry 3.9 Entry 3.13 Entry 3.21 Entry 3.22 Entry 3.28 Entry 3.29 Entry 3.26

Second Place

Xbox Ones Cyper Punk 2077
School: Rochester Institute of Technology
Advisors: Lorrie Frear, Carlos Diaz-Acosta, Emily Barclay
Designers: Monica Steelman, Torrey Dickman, Chris Flemming, Kelly Fellner
Entry 22.6 Entry 22.7 Entry 22.8 Entry 22.2 Entry 22.3 Entry 22.9 Entry 22.4 Entry 22.11 Entry 22.12 Entry 22.14

Third Place

Nintendo Switch Essential Trunk
School: Fashion Institute of Technology 
Advisors: Sandra Krasovec, Adam Straus
Designers: Jaeho Sohn, Monica Kim, Naeun (Erin) Lee
Entry 15.1 Entry 15.8 Entry 15.5 Entry 15.3 Entry 15.2 Entry 15.7 Entry 15.4 Entry 15.10 Entry 15.12

Honorable Mention

Pokémon Battle Arena
School: California Polytechnic State University
Advisor: Javier de la Fuente, Irene Carbonell, Mary LaPorte
Designers: Amber Huang, Briana Jackson, Marilyn Nguyen, Evan Williams
 Entry 6.4

Nintendo Switch: Gaming for All Edition
School: Ryerson University 
Advisor: Jonghun (Jay) Park
Designers: Justin Chan, Michael Loi
 Entry 28.6

Shout Outs

Oblivion Impact
School: California Polytechnic State University
Advisor: Javier de la Fuente, Irene Carbonell, Mary LaPorte
Designers: Sophia Tamrazian, Lani Masamoto, Hailey Firstman, Harrison Whitaker
 Entry 5.14

School: San Jose State University
Advisor: Ziaojing (Kate) Liu
Designers: Yingyi Yang, Laura Person
 Entry 30.2

Team 1
School: University of Texas, Arlington
Advisor: Ben Dolezal
Designers: Zinna Ruiz, Christina Villanueva, Isaac Gross

Nintendo Switch -Travel Edition
School: University of Wisconsin, Stout
Advisor: John Scheffler, Caylie Duncanson
Designers: Sarah Windisch, Theresa Ayers, Chris Kelley
 Entry 47.11

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