Meet Guest Judge Nancy Battaglini

Meet Nancy Battaglini, senior packaging engineer at Amy’s Kitchen and one of PPA’s featured guest judges for the 2017 Student Design Challenge.

Born and raised in Michigan, Nancy attended Michigan State University and graduated in 2008 with a packaging degree. Nancy began her career as a packaging engineer with Energizer Personal Care-Schick. After working at Proctor & Gamble as a packaging consultant, she eventually made her way out to the California wine country.

In 2014, Nancy began her career with Amy's Kitchen. Today she is the senior packaging engineer for the company. 

Join us as Nancy talks about what attracted her to the paperboard industry and see if she thinks packaging can be both sustainable and innovative. 

PPA: What attracted you to the paperboard packaging industry? 
NB: It is the most readily available material in the industry. Consumers are looking to see more paperboard on the shelf as they are starting to have a more sustainable mindset. It is important to me to keep these packaging industry trends in mind while designing new products for my company.

PPA: What does your typical work day look like?
NB: Every day is completely different. I have a unique role where I am responsible for designing packaging and selecting materials as well as installing packaging machinery and designing packaging production lines.

PPA: Why do you prefer to work with paperboard?
NB: Paperboard was the first materials class I took in college. I was also a packaging consultant who specialized in paperboard materials; it’s like comfort food for me.

PPA: What stands out to you when you look at packaging?
NB: Unique designs really interest me, I am very adventurous and not afraid to try something new. I am one of those people who will pick up a product off the shelf to look at the material type, print quality, or structural design. I spend a lot of extra time in the grocery store.

PPA: What is your favorite package you designed for a product and why?
NB: With my first company, I was tasked with a challenge of attaching a razor to a shave prep can. The promotion was giving away a razor with every purchase of a shave prep. As you can imagine, attaching a delicate, lightweight razor to a 1 pound metal can that sits on a typical push shelf can be challenging.

PPA: What do you hope to see from this year’s Student Design Challenge entries?
NB: Sustainability. How can you keep this in mind while meeting the requirements of the challenge?

PPA: What do you hope to see in the future of paperboard packaging? And what are the most essential skills new designers need to bring into the industry?
NB: I am hoping to see sustainability through material reductions without compromising the integrity of the product or package. Designers need to not be afraid to step outside of the box; pun intended. Don’t be afraid to challenge the norms – you have to do this to keep the industry relevant and exciting.

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