Student Design Challenge Alumni: A Tribute to Katherine Bukys

Student Design Challenge Alumni: A Tribute to Katherine Bukys

Alumna: Katherine Bukys
School: Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)
Advisor: Bill Wynkoop
Participating Year: 2012
Job Title/Occupation: Former Packaging Engineer of Astor Chocolate

Katherine Bukys won the 2012 Paperboard Packaging Alliance Student Design Challenge during her senior year in the undergraduate Packaging Science program at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT).

Ms. Bukys’ innovative design “Lettuce Eat” received first place in the challenge to design a functional and creative package for a quick-serve chain kid’s meal, and address how the design could be altered to serve an additional purpose.

The judges raved that “the apple-inspired design provided an appealing yet healthy  option for kids” and “the design was market-ready for industry customers.”

 “Part of the reason I love packaging is making dielines, turning a concept in my head into a two dimensional drawing that folds up into what I was imagining. Paperboard is very flexible for my work, and I find that it can house most anything. I also love the sustainability aspect that it provides.”

After graduating in 2012, Ms. Bukys worked as a packaging engineer at Astor Chocolate. On November 2, 2014, Ms. Bukys passed away unexpectedly.

“We will continue to honor Katherine by remembering her work, graceful nature and creative mind.” - Bill Wynkoop, Adjunct Packaging Professor (Ms. Bukys’ advisor at RIT)

The PPA is grateful for Ms. Bukys’ contribution to the Student Design Challenge and to the paperboard packaging industry.              

Katherine Bukys at the 2012 Student Design Challenge Awards Luncheon